Women Of The Axe Commercials Commentary


Ok hey guys whats up. Im gonna talk about a kind of controversial issue that I know when My teacher reads I will probably officially become her Arch Nemesis. I also know that this may seem like my opinion is inconsistent but bear with me. I believe that the Axe shower, body spray, deodorant commercials are some of the best most well thought out advertising campaigns there are. Axe has made millions all over the world. It is owned by the British/Dutch company Unilever. Axe has gotten lots of flak over the years for being sexist, degrading and objectifying women. But I honestly do not believe that they are truly doing this. Axe unlike music videos are trying to sell a product to men by showing that women will find you attractive. Music videos are objectifying women for the purpose of objectifying to women.

The women in axe commercials I believe are not being objectified. They are simply a way of showing that women will be attracted to you if you use the Axe product. Most men realize that these commercials are fictional and you will not truly have girls running from all over the supermarket fighting to be with you. Though there was one case in which a young man took the Axe promise a little too seriously. He video taped himself using Axe products for an entire year and he never once got a girlfriend so he sued the company for false advertising.

I believe that  the marketing campaign is a very good tool. Men like to be assured that the product in which Axe is trying to sell them will work and that women will find it attractive. Selling deodorant or fragrances on television is hard to do, because unfortunately the technology for “smell o vision” is not out yet. The axe commercials do a great job of getting there point across and with quite a flare for humor. I personally do not use Axe but the commercials are very funny and I like them.


Women Objectified in Music Business Comentary

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Why is it that women need to be beautiful to be on television or in magazines. Do Women like to objectified? I do not believe that they do. The other day my group in english did a presentation on Women in music videos. And honestly being the nerdy white guy that I am. I  had not seen a lot of those videos until Krystal had shown them to me. And it is really sad how women are objectified in these videos. Women have become to an extent, bling. Now lots of the artist will say “thats what sell’s” “how else do you expect me to make my money” or “Its for the sake of entertainment, men want to be entertained”. Well being a guy, I used to watch music videos, but when I used to watch them it was more about who has the coolest moves. I know I haven’t seen a music video in a long time (dont judge me). But it was never about who had the most hottest naked babes grinding up on them.

I believe that we have almost done it to our selves by not standing up against the kinds of videos in which the women are objectified. Ten years ago 50 cent’s Disco Inferno music video would be considered soft core porn. I believe that if we choose not to watch videos in which women are objectified then the artist would be forced into another genre or some other way of selling music videos.

Lots of people say that its the women who put them selves into the situations. But not everyone knows whats going on in there lives some times its the only way to break into the business. Or they need money, there are tons of different situations in which we do not know how they got themselves. I belive that this could be fixed if we got more women as executives in music bussiness women need to stand together and fight this.

P.S. Harry Potter deathly Hallows pt. 1 Awesome totally worth your 10 bucks


Rediscovery Of The Harry Potter Library


Hey guys Just wanted to tell about the little adventure I had Monday with my Friend BB. So I text BB and i’m like “Hey man. Where are you?” “I have Found it” he says. Im like, “Huh? What did you Find?” He says “I Found the Harry Potter Library…..” OMG. I started freaking out. A little Background info. During freshman Orientation I had actually been taken to the Harry Potter Library once but at the time I was young, foolhardy, and overwhelmed. The whole day seemed kind of like a blur. Month’s latter I tried to return to the Harry Potter library but my memory failed me and I was unable to find it’s location from my previous visit. The curse of finding it at one point, but being unable to return was torture.

I wanted so desperately to find it that I would tell my friends that one of my teachers said if I find it and tell them where it was that I would get extra credit. None of my teachers ever said that, but my friends believed it, so they too would look for it. I had people searching all over campus looking all over the place. About a month ago my hopes of finding it had been forgotten, and I no longer searched for the once beautiful mecca in which I found previously before.

Until my Best friend BB text me, “I FOUND IT”. I can not divulge its location to you because the magic of the room is that its been found based on need and desire. Concurred by one who truly searched for it. I can only tell you that when you do find it. You will know, its a beautiful magical quite place in which I intend to do most of my school work for the rest of my college career.

PS. 2 Days 11 hours and 53 min till HP DH pt.1 comes out


Cherry Orchard 2.0


A revised and condensed version of the Cherry Orchard from the KING’S perspective.

Setting (the cherry orchard)

Servant chick: I think there coming!

Annoying Guy: Aww I fell asleep.

Luie Lady: Im hear I missed this place so much. Im sooooo poor.

Fat Guy: Yellow Ball right pocket Bank shot.

Awesome Old Man: Fliber Jibbit. Your all Wet!!!

Fat Guy: Yellow Ball left pocket. Right up the middle.

Creeper: You should have Been a nice girl.( what ever the Hell that means) Go away mom!

Fat Guy: Yellow Ball Right pocket. Bank shot.

Awesome Old Man: Fliber Jibbit!

Annoying Guy: Sell the cherry Orchard. It will make money!

Scholar: Im above love.

Luie Lady: Hear you go Homeless man. Have a Hundred Dollars.

Homeless Man: Thanks!

Annoying Guy: Sell the Cherry Orchard!

Luie Lady: Look there’s mama in the orchard. Lets have a party Even though i’m poor.

Fat Guy: Yellow Ball left side pocket. Right up the middle.

Awesome Old Man: Fliber Jibbit!

Annoying Guy: I Bought the Orchard! And Im Cutting It down!


Creeper: Yes i sent dad to The Home!

Fat Guy: Yellow Ball Right side pocket. Bank Shot.

Scholar: Where are my Galoshes?

Awesome Old Guy: Awww man the door is locked from the inside and they left me hear. I guess I’ll Just sit hear and die in this chair.


For all of you who haven’t seen the play or read it now you do not have to. This is in no way a bash on the performers they did a lovely job and were very good. It was just a crapy play. Also If you have a chance check it out support UNM theater Dept.

P.S. 5 days until Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Part 1.


The Cherry Orchard

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For all of you who are not in my class we are going to see the cherry orchard by that russian guy. Im super not excited I had to read it at the beginning of the year its sooooooooo boring. I hope I do not fall asleep tonight ummm. Thats really all I have to say so yeah tell yeah how it went when I get Back tonight Wish me luck.

PS. 6 more days till HP DH p1. Comes Out F yeah


Art Museum Vist (ZzZzZzZz)

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Viewing Photographs and paintings in an art Museum is, always has been, and probably always will be dull for me. My class that I’m writing this blog for went to the UNM art museum today, and we looked at some beautiful art work. Which at first it was pretty dang boring. We had a very nice quite old lady explain the pieces to us while we sat there for an hour admiring four pieces of art. Yes an entire hour looking at only four. While sitting there I couldn’t help but think about what if the art work in museums were like pictures in Harry Potter. What if they could move in the picture and talk to you about how the artist felt or give the story behind there picture.That would make museums so interesting. And give you so much more feeling from the painting. Im sorry, staring at a picture for an hour was really boring. I know what the kids in my class are going to comment “Ryan that was a beautiful piece how can you be so insensitive?” Well all I could think about while I was in there was how my Butt is falling asleep on the wooden stools that we were sitting on. I thought we would have at least gotten to walk around and look at the other artwork. I think maybe art does not connect with me as well as others because of my A.D.D.  All I can think about while i’m in an art museum is, I wish I wasn’t having to stand this whole time or man these chairs are so uncomfortable. Why can’t these places have big comfy leather couches in front of the art? Better yet comfy couches with snacks on tables beside them. All I could think about was how hungry I was,  that my Butt hurt, and another McRib would be soooooo good right now. O well it was a cultural learning experience.

P.S. 6 days left till Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1. comes out.


Unwanted Gifts

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Tis the season of giving stuff that were pretty sure we would want but don’t actually know if the person we are getting it for would actually want it. But it looked really cool in the store and maybe if they don’t like it I might get to use it or if i’m lucky get to have it. We have all been in the situation before and if you have not then your a better person then me. (p.s. Not really…. i’m still totally awesome and like the humblest person around).

Have you guys ever gotten a gift for a Birthday or Christmas that you don’t want. Like a Weasley Sweater? Every year Ron’s Mom from Harry potter Knits Awful sweaters for all of her children that none of them really want but they still ware because their mom made it for them and they love her and don’t want to hurt her feelings.

Well I can say I have gotten these gifts numerous amounts of times. So much so that my little brother and I actually practice the night before christmas our excited faces and what we are going to say when we get one of the many gifts, in which we both swear are picked out by the certain loved one with there eyes closed. No Joke we really do. Unfortunately in our house much to our dismay our mother in her infinite wisdom made a rule that if someone get’s us an article of clothing unless it doesn’t fit we must ware it at least once in front of the gift giver. Recently my brother and I have gotten wise to this. And always trie to get the other an obscene or ridiculous shirt, sweater, hat, ect…. its gotten so bad that mom has put a bit more leniency on this rule.

This brings up one of the hardest questions during the gift giving season what do you do when you get it. That unwanted gift. Do you pretend to love it and keep on getting the same ridiculous style of sweaters from that person every year just so as not to hurt there feelings. Or do you maybe bring it up latter in a loving way that your tastes have changed. But How do you go about it with out hurting the other persons feelings? If you want to comment on the subject please do Im open for ideas and tired of living the Lie. KING OUT!


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